Monday, December 11, 2006

What a weekend!

Our weekend was an interesting one, to say the least...although not in ways you might imagine! I'll warn you now, this may be more information than some of you want, so if you're squeamish, look away now!!

Our children's pastor & her husband invited us over for dinner Friday night. Jordan and Jake were really excited to go and they spent the afternoon making ornaments and drawing pictures for Pastor Lori and Mister Randy! When it came time to go, Jake started complaining that he didn't feel good and that his stomach hurt. In all my motherly wisdom, I told him to knock it off and get his coat on. How I wish I'd investigated a little further! As we turned the corner out of the neighborhood, I heard an odd sound from the back of the van and asked Jake what that was. He said he'd "choked" (that's the word our kids use when they throw up...I think Jake coined it the first time he was sick and it just stuck). So, Ed (in all his brilliance), proceeds to the back of the van while I make a U-turn back to the house. Something you should know about Eddie - he does not handle vomit well. He gags at the sight or the smell. So, in the back of the van, he sees it and he smells it...and yep, he gags! UGH! Anyway, we get home in short order and get Jake out, undress him and get the washer going. Ed watches the kids while I go out to clean up the raunchy mess in my car!
Eddie takes the girls and goes on to Pastor Lori's while I stayed home with Jake.
When the girls and Ed get home, we get everyone into bed and I continue to work on the laundry.
All is quiet...and we head to bed. I walked in to Jake's room to check on him and he's laying in barf!! He was covered and his bed was covered! So, we proceed to change him and his sheets - and I'm not sure he ever really woke up! More laundry.
Now, we can finally hit the hay! We hadn't even fallen asleep when...what's THAT noise?? It's Jordan!! Her turn! So, we change her jammies and her sheets. I work on the laundry some more, since its only piling higher. We go back to bed and the details sort of all mix up along the way, but suffice it to say, we got ZERO sleep! One kid was puking all the time and at one point, they all went together...Jake was in the bathroom, we were in the process of changing Jadyn and her sheets and there goes Jordan again! I got the biggest case of the giggles...there just wasn't anything left to do at that point! Ed didn't see the humor, but the nice thing is that as the night progressed he HAD to adapt and he really helped out...gagging and all! Bless his heart, Jadyn was in bed with us, throwing up every few minutes...I know he must of been struggling! But, all he said was "I'm the dad, it's OK."
By Saturday morning, Jake seemed fine. The girls were better, but Jordan still threw up a couple times during the day. We were supposed to have a sitter Saturday night to go to a Christmas such luck! Saturday night, we prayed for quiet and rest! Since Ed and I had missed an entire night's sleep, we were exhausted! For whatever reason, Jordan kept waking up and coming into our room. I got up with her the first few times...turned out she was really thirsty. After the 3rd time up, I told Ed it was his turn after that. He'd never even heard her get up once! So, the next time, he went and slept in her bed with her. Fortunately, everyone slept until after 8:00 on Sunday morning...which is unheard of in our house! Eddie and Jake went to church on Sunday and the girls recovered nicely. We'd decided that the cause was something they ate...and the only thing in common I could remember was a new box of chocolate almond milk I'd bought at the store on Friday, so they could have "hot chocolate" - always a treat! So, out with the almond milk!
Last night, after dinner, my stomach was feeling a bit queasy and I was getting a tad nervous. I guess it wasn't the almond milk after all, as Ed and I were both up all night last night, sick! It was just awful. The only thing I could think was "Thank you, Lord, we weren't sick on Friday...that would have been BAD!" I guess we can safely assume it was some sort of virus...and now I feel terrible that we may have exposed umpteen other people! Bummer!

We're both feeling a little better this afternoon and hopefully, tonight all will be quiet!

An update on laundry...our washer and dryer ran CONTINUOUSLY from 6 pm on Friday night until 8 pm Saturday night, then again all day Sunday!! We must have used every towel in the house at least 3 times! Not to mention the clothes and sheets that required changing! I've never done laundry all night long was a new adventure!

Ahhh, the joys of kids! Its a real good thing the little rascals are so darn worth it!!


Sarah said...

Here is someone to comiserate with ...

Sarah said...

Now that I have READ this (I only skimmed it earlier) all I can say is WOW!!!! What a MESS! And, I thought it was odd that I didn't hear from you over the weekend. Here, I thought you guys were having a wonderful time socializing. Little did I know that you were knee deep in vomit. My heart goes out to Ed. I can't handle vomit either. Hope everyone is feeling better!

Rays Family said...

Angela: It's bad enough that the kids were miserable and sick but what a double dose with the two of you getting sick too! I feel for you guys, feel better soon. You could use a laundry fairy god mother!


Anonymous said...

holy cow.... please keep this in Iowa..

i miss you guys