Thursday, January 11, 2007


Jordan and I drove to Chicago on Tuesday, for her NACD evaluation Wednesday morning. Getting to visit Sarah is the highlight of these trips for sure. She always goes over and beyond the call of duty as a hostess! Even though she wasn't feeling so hot, she still cooked for and entertained us nonstop. After dinner on Tuesday, she and I went to Ethel's Chocolate Lounge! Wow! Not only was the food yummy (you really can't go wrong with chocolate, can you?), but the atmosphere was really fun as well! The name says it all. I'm hoping this outing will become a tradition!

Wednesday morning, Sarah made us the BEST breakfast, French Toast Casserole! Super yummy! Before Jordan's appointment, we went to Trader Joe's, which I think of as a mini-Whole-Foods, of sorts. They don't have a lot of gluten free stuff, but the prices are right. So, I loaded up my trusty cooler with a few things. I wish and hope for a Trader Joe's and/or a Whole Foods here in Des Moines (but I'm not so hopeful as to hold my breath). Sarah thought I was crazy because I chose not to wear my coat...I highly recommend her always-hilarious blog on the subject: She was kind enough to leave out the fact that I was totally freezing by the time I loaded my groceries!

I'm thrilled to report that Jordan did GREAT at her evaluation! She has made some impressive gains in the last couple months. She improved TWO YEARS in her processing level, which was much needed! She's reading and progressing well with math. Her articulation still needs some attention, so that, along with academics, will be the focus this quarter! I had her evaluated earlier this month for speech with ChildServe, a local nonprofit agency that provides all kinds of therapy. She'll be seeing a SLP beginning later this month. I'm hoping for some big gains with speech/articulation in the next few months! I'm so proud of her and she's so proud of herself! That alone is worth every ounce of effort we put in!


Lori Eilers said...

I'm so glad you had a great trip. It's very exciting to hear about Jordan's progress, way to go for the whole family. Just proves once again that you and Ed did the right thing. I'd love to meet Sarah some time!

Sarah said...

I loved reading this! Great post! And, you are SO biased about my hostessing skills. :)

Congrats to you and Jordan on her wonderful successes! I know that there will be more to come!