Monday, January 08, 2007


Today my twin baby brothers turned 22. It completely astounds me. I remember the day they were born so clearly and I don't feel old enough for 22 years to have passed since then!

They share their birthday with Elvis. They are both Eagle Scouts. They couldn't say "Angela" when they were younger, so they called me "Aneega." I owe them a thousand apologies for the way I treated them. Now that I have children, I cringe at the thought of someone treating my babies the way I treated them. Sorry, guys! I'm ashamed to admit that I fed them hot food right out of the oven and this led to the way they now eat their food...cold. They don't heat anything, not leftovers or even food out of a can. I guess you can say I scarred them for life! They were both homeschooled all the way through High School. They were very active in church, boy scouts and Joyful Sound! Choir. I still remember some of the funny words they said when they were little. Like "hammerbug" for hamburger. I'll never forget them on a camping trip, with their little animal shaped flashlights, walking trails and saying, "I'una see da deers." Too cute. I'll also never forget the streakings I was privy to on weekend trips home from college. They enjoy reading, computer games and airsoft. They are now both Marines...stationed in Washington D.C. They are very passionate creatures.


*He's the oldest of the two, but only by minutes.

*He is fiercely independent.

*Even though he doesn't like to admit it, he's truly tender-hearted.

*He's a gifted story-teller & loves to be the center of attention

*He's really good with children


*He's truly the baby of the family

*He's the one that calls me often and even asks me for advice

*He doesn't like seafood

*Erin is a behind-the-scenes kind of guy (after my own heart)

*He's the one most likely to be in-your-face if he's not happy about something

I love you both more than you will ever know and I'm so proud of you both! Happy Birthday!


Mama said...

Couldn't you have used a better picture??? Eric looks like his head is crooked and Erin looks like a drill instructor...

Mama said...

One more comment... Eric is 19 minutes older than Erin...