Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Girls Night Out

Monday night, our church had a girls night out event. I enjoy any excuse to get out with the girls, but this was especially fun. Anyone that has known me long knows that I'm a fickle hobbiest. I've enjoyed scrapbooking and jewerly making in the past, but haven't done much in the last few years (hmm...something about that third kid). I'm not a terribly creative person...although I want to be and wish I were. But, our pastor's wife, Dara is very creative! She planned this event and some other ladies in the church helped. They put together some ideas for Valentine's Day cards and prepped all the materials for us to make them. So, in really short order, we were able to put together 6 remarkable cards. I have never stamped or made cards, but I sure did enjoy it. The company was great, too. Because of the nature of our church (meeting in a movie theater), sometimes its hard to chat on Sunday mornings. Dara has planned some other girls events and I'm really looking forward to them and to getting to know some other ladies! God did create us for community...and women in particular need other women! I can't wait to watch relationships grow from this ministry!
I think my current hobby is homeschooling. Tis the season. But, for my next hobby, I'm definately going to take up stamping...can't wait!


mama said...

you are too creative!!!


Lori Eilers said...

Good times and great company! Too bad we can't have Girls Night Out every week! :)