Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snow, snow and more snow!

We got more snow this past weekend and even a few flurries yesterday. We must have a foot of snow on the ground. I can't imagine that the sight will ever get old (although the locals may beg to differ!). It is really beautiful. Especially when its fresh. Ed and I both watched it snow one night and remarked about how it glitters. Its just a beautiful sight.
Jordan got a new face mask...her poor little cheeks just don't hold up to cold wind very well. She was thrilled with it and really enjoyed playing in the snow on Sunday. Jadyn was less than thrilled and spent her time standing at the door of the garage watching all the fun. I picked her up and put her in the snow a few times, but it didn't go over very well!
I even broke down and bought some snow boots so I could romp around too! I felt like a little kid, but it was so fun to be surrounded by the laughter of Ed and the kids...there's nothing more precious to me!
The kids got such a kick out of being 'allowed' to throw snow balls at mom and dad! Its sort of funny to look around at the yards in our neighborhood...its pretty clear where the kids live!
Ed 'got' to blow again on Sunday. I'm not convinced that he doesn't enjoy it. But, everyone around here sees it as a chore, so I think he talks like that so he doesn't come off like a Southerner!


Rays Family said...

Her mask will keep her toasty warm! There's nothing better than watching and playing in the snow with the kids. By the time Spring comes around, you'll be more than ready to have all the snow gone. Also, there's something "manly' about a guy and his snowblower! I know deep down they really enjoy it.


Gummie said...

Jordan looks so cute in her mask... I'm sure it felt a lot better for her little face. It looks like soooo much fun. And though I'm sure it is 'manly' to use a snowblower, tell Eddie to be proud to be a Southener... a TEXAS southerner at that!!!