Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Good Gifts and a New Year!

Our kids have two grandmothers that enjoy giving good gifts. That's a good thing. Especially for them. Truth be told, its a good thing for us too. We enjoy seeing the looks on their faces as they open the presents just as much as Grandma and Gummie. We also get the added benefit of watching them enjoy those gifts long after they're opened.

They each got a long list of goodies that included laptops (the kid-variety, of course!), FP3 player, camera, games, clothes, purses, jewelry, and even math fact flash cards for Jakey (that, yes, he was VERY excited about!) & the list goes on.

The best gift was the time we got to spend with Gummie and Grandma. They each came for a week. What more can a kid ask for?

Ed's sister, Kelly came into town as well. She's a flight attendant and had a layover in Omaha, which is 2 hours from us. Ed and his mom drove there to pick Kelly up on Saturday night. She spent New Year's Eve with us before returning to Omaha at 6:30 AM New Year's Day. Needless to say, we were all in bed by 10 since Ed and Kelly had to be up at 3:30! But, we did manage to get some good game-playing in before 10 and we loved getting to visit with Kel!

We were bummed that we didn't have a White Christmas, but we did get a White New Year!


Sarah said...

You mom is still hot.

Stacey Webster said...

Somewhat disturbed by Sarah's comment.

Anyway. I miss you guys! Wish I could have been a part of the festivities. Perhaps next year.