Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sarah

Anyone that reads my blog has seen Sarah's name before. She's such an amazing friend and I could write about her all day. The top picture is my all-time favorite picture of her and I stole it from her blog!! (thanks to Mike for posting it!)
So, here's the short list of my thoughts on Sarah:
*I met Sarah (and Mike), when they joined our small group at our church in The Woodlands, Texas in 1998. We were both newlyweds and part of young-married-with-no-kids small group.
*We share a true joy of and passion for chocolate chip cookies!
*One of my favorite things about Sarah is her faith. Her faith is so solid and so real. She loves God mightily, but she's not afraid to be brutally honest with him, too. I know He honors that and it inspires me to be open and honest with God, too.
*Sarah and I became immediate friends. I was drawn to her creative spirit. If you've read her blog, you've seen a small sampling of it there. But, she's creative in so many other ways as well!
*Sarah is truly the most thoughtful person I know. She spends endless time and energy really getting to know people on a level that just astounds me. She studies people and actually LISTENS. Beyond just hearing their words, she pays such close attention that she hears things people don't even say. And, she wants to know how people feel. I can't count how many times she's asked me, "How does that make you feel?"
*Sarah's love language is gifts. She is the most creative and thoughtful (have I used those words already?) gift-giver I've ever met. I always feel like the luckiest person on the planet when I receive a gift from her...it's always perfect. When I need a gift idea, I turn to her!
*Sarah and I have stayed close, even though we've lived in different states for the last 6 years. She is a lifelong friend, for sure. You can bet, if you're a friend of Sarah's, you're golden! She makes you feel like you're the most important friend she has (just ask any of us! We'd each say we're the favorite!) But, I know I am! :-)
*She has one of the most unique senses of humor. (if you've read her blog, you know!) She never fails to make me crack up laughing. Sometimes all I have to do is think about something she said and I'll laugh out loud. She is just plain funny.
*We've seen each other through some really tough struggles. She's been there for me during some of the most intense and difficult moments of my life. We've also rejoiced with each other during joyous times in our lives, as well.
*Sarah is a very private person. Which means that's all I can share here!
*I love you, Sarah! Thanks for being such an amazing friend. I'm so glad God blessed me with you! Happy Birthday!


Sarah said...

And I like hairy chested men ...but I think everyone knows that already. :)

Thanks so much for this blog!!! Love it!!

Dara said...

Happy birthday to sara! Feel like I should know her already. Sara - you need to come hang out with us here in the warm state of Iowa sometime - LOL! that is if you came and Angela would share you for the evening - we are having some back to school shopping in August - it will be warm then - you should join us!
Happy Birthday!

Stacey Webster said...

Great blog about Sarah!

I did not see a Birthday blog on January 18th. Grandma Sustala's 88th birthday! Not like she has access to the internet though.

Anonymous said...

onpvzyoangela, i just foun this on your blog - you are definitly describing the sarah i know so well! i am so grateful that you are her friend - you are pretty special too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! liz labella