Monday, January 15, 2007

Lots O' Stuff

I have several things I want to blog about and don't really want to take the time to post several different ones. So, first things first. I went on a retreat with JCFC leadership team Fri-Sat to MO. It was quick and the weather wasn't exactly wonderful, but all-in-all is was great! We had a great prayer time together on Sat morning and I'm so pumped about the direction and planning of our church for 2007! It is going to be totally awesome and I know God has bigger plans that we can even imagine right now! I feel really honored to be along for the ride and always amazed that God can use even me.

The other excitement around here and through much of the country, I suppose, is the weather. We've got a few inches of snow on the ground, which is a huge treat for the Texans! The kids did a little bit of sledding yesterday on the driveway...a new experience for them, so they weren't real sure what to think. Jake, always a chicken, didn't take to it as much as Jordan. He's the eternal evaluator and will take some time to adjust to such excitement! He did enjoy making snow angels and snowballs! They did get their first use out of their new winter-wear: snow pants & boots! Too cute...but what a chore to get 3 kids dressed in that! I think Ed thoroughly enjoyed the "opportunity" to use his fancy-dancy snow blower this morning (I'm guessing he enjoyed it since he asked me to take his picture!!!).

Finally, today marked a beginning for Jakey-bake. We started Kindergarten with him, officially. He did really well and the fact that we were done by 10am is no drawback, that's for sure. Jordan has the week off, for the most part, as we're waiting on a new program from NACD. So, once I'm working with both of them, we'll probably go until noon. Still not a bad deal for a school day! Anyway, I'm looking forward to watching the progress of both of them in the months to come.


Sarah said...

Where's Ed? I can't see him ...he must be camouflaged ... :D

Stacey Webster said...

Hey Ed---you clothes look a little snug! Have you gained weight?