Wednesday, February 07, 2007

On Display!

How cool is this? Ed heard from a friend at work (thanks, Anne!) that our picture was on display at the Jordan Creek Town Center Picture People. So, he took Jordan and Jake to see ... and not only is our picture on display, its the FIRST picture you see when you walk in the door! We had these pictures made in November and our photographer asked me to sign a release after they were taken, but I didn't figure anything would come of that. Guess I was wrong! Jordan and Jake got a huge kick out of seeing our picture there and when they got home, I asked Jordan why her picture was there and she replied, "Because I'm so pretty!" Yes, indeed.


Sarah said...

How cool! You guys are famous!

Lori Eilers said...

Jake is gonna get a big head. First the newspaper and now the mall. Wow, I suppose next you'll all be on the news! Will you still talk to us little people? Seriously...that's pretty cool.

Rays Family said...

I love how Jordan and Jake are so proudly posing with their picture! It's so cool!