Thursday, February 08, 2007

Update on Ed

Here's the latest on Ed...
Late Monday afternoon, the ER doc from Grinnell (the town where Ed's accident was) called and said Ed needed to have a follow up CAT scan to check his sternum. He thought it might be fractured and said it needed to be checked to be sure. There's no treatment for a fractured sternum, except rest and recovery. Unless there's a misalignment or if there are pieces of bone sticking out that could be a problem for organs and arteries, etc. If that were to be the case, surgery would be necessary.
So, yesterday, he met with a doctor for a follow up. The doc made the point that a fractured sternum as a result of a seatbelt injury is rare. He's getting his CT scan now. He has to meet with the doctor again on Monday, which is probably when we'll get the results. So, that's the latest! Please pray that IF his sternum is fractured, that no surgery will be necessary & for a quick recovery. Thanks!!

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Rays Family said...

Lots of prayers for ALL of you!