Friday, February 09, 2007

Picnic in a padded cell

This morning, a guy came to give us an estimate for a fence. I found myself thinking about Spring! We've had totally crazy weather here the last few weeks - even by Iowa standards, from what I understand. I've heard different numbers, but suffice it to say, this is the coldest its been in a long time here. High temps in the single digits with windchills below zero. Its just plaing COLD! Needless to say, the kids and I aren't spending any great deal of time outdoors. They complain about even walking from the car into a store somewhere. So, I've tried to be creative. Today, I decided we'd have a picnic. The kids were THRILLED! So, we set up the card table, made some sandwiches, got some chips & fruit and ate in the basement, pretending we were on a picnic. I started saying, "Look at those beautiful flowers...and those big, green trees..." The kids went on forever with that and found all sorts of Spring-like things around! A mirage for sure, but it was a nice break from the relentless winter sights!


Anonymous said...

I think that is is really neat that you used four different chairs at the table. :-)

If I knew we were having a picnic today I would have come home for lunch.


(ps: I can't get my sign in ID to work so I guess I will have to create a new one)

angelasustala said...

I wondered who was going to notice the chairs...I should've known it would be you, babe!

Sarah said...

You are SUCH an awesome mom! What a great way to escape winter!

By the way, on FRIENDS they had 4 different chairs at their table, too.

Gummie said...

forget the chairs and use a blanket on the floor!!!

PS... I noticed the chairs too, thought it was curious!!