Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's a GIRL!

We have a NEICE joining our family! She is scheduled to make her debut in July! Ed's sister, Stacey just found out they are having a little girl. Girls are so much fun. Boys are too, just in a different way! We are so thrilled for Stacey & Ken and can't wait to meet our sweet little neice! I'm certain she will be spoiled rotten by all of well she should be! I've already got a few little goodies for her and I don't plan on stopping! I remember waiting for Jordan's arrival...such anticipation, so many hopes and dreams, so much love. Stace, she will fill your lives with more JOY than you can begin to imagine right now...and you will LOVE her in a way your heart can't fathom yet. Congratulations, guys! We love you!

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