Saturday, March 03, 2007

Baby Burrow

I've been meaning to capture this for a while now and my friend Nonie reminded me I needed to do it...before the phase passes!!
This is how Jadyn sleeps at night. She doesn't just fall asleep this way, she sleeps like this all night (except that in this picture, she is preparing to say her prayers...after that, she likes her arms down under the 'blankie!!'). She has 'claimed' almost every baby doll in the house (with the exception of Jordan's one-and-only, Jenny). She has slept with the boppy around her head since she was tiny (who knows how we figured out she liked that, but those of you with kids understand!). I guess she's so busy during the day that she doesn't have time to stop and snuggle (unlike Jordan and Jakey who stop by periodically requesting some "mommy-snuggles"). This baby-bed-fest was a process and was the funniest thing to watch unfold. When Jake was born, my friend, Sarah sent him a Curious George doll. Jordan promptly confiscated it for her own and slept with it for a long time (along with the beloved Jenny, which my mom gave her when I was pregnant with Jake). Well, at some point, Jake re-confiscated George and has slept with him ever since. He occasionally adds another 'friend' or two, but George is the constant. Ever since she lost custody of George, Jordan has slept with Jenny and Jenny ONLY. No matter how much she likes another doll, none of them rank high enough to make it to the bed! Jadyn loves to imitate EVERYTHING the 'big kids' do, so choosing a baby to sleep with was no different. Since she likes to be all snuggled up, having one baby just wasn't enough. So, for a few weeks she added babies to the loot. Not long ago, one of Jake's added friends was a stuffed angel bear that my dad gave Jordan right after she was born. Somehow, Jadyn got a hold of it one night and called it "MY George." Needless to say, "My George" is somewhere in the nighttime crowd every night!! As if all of this isn't cute enough, my favorite part is the name of one of the babies. I love newborns when they are all burrito'd up tight. The kids always ask me to 'burrito' their babies with blankets, so now one of Jadyn's babies is named 'Burrito' whether she's wrapped up or not!! Too cute!


Lori Eilers said...

That is so cute and way too funny. Jaden isn't much bigger than the dolls, you'd think she would feel too closed in. That will be a good memory picture! My kids weren't too much for dolls or animals in bed but they would DIE without their blankies.

amain said...

THIS is why Jadyn has not escaped from her crib yet...she cannot get out from under all of the babies! Hey, I say keep it going as loooooooooong as you can, girlfriend!

Adrian said...

I think this is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Jules loves her boppy too! I can't wait to give her her first baby. She does have a monkey that Mary made for her for Christmas that she snuggles with, but the thing is bigger than her, so it will be fun to see what she wants to sleep with as she gets older.