Friday, March 02, 2007

We're not in Texas anymore...

So, this is what I envisioned when Ed said we were moving to IOWA! We've been under a Blizzard Warning since yesterday and this 'snow wall' is what we woke up to outside our back door this morning...Such fun! Our playdate this morning was cancelled (bummer), so we've been keeping busy inside: school, movies, coloring, eating, chores, etc.
Allied closed early yesterday and opened late today, but the roads are still bad and some interstates are still closed. Another new life experience, thanks to Iowa!


Stacey Webster said...

There are ONE-WAY TICKETS to Houston available, you know grandma, gummie, aunt KK, and aunt Tace and Uncle Ken would LOVE to have new additions!!!

By the way, you only have 21 days to get rid of that snow before I get there!!!

amain said...

THIS is the Iowa I remember as a kid, and honestly, I cannot remember the last time we had this much snow, ice, bitterly blowing wind and school cancelations. Isn't is GREAT??? And if it warmed up to 50 and all melted by the end of the week, that would make for a perfect memory:)

Anonymous said...

Please send some our way, my Joe loves playing in the snow! He took one look at your pictures and said "I want some". Now, don't tell my hubby that we are wishing for snow, he would much rather be somewhere warm on the beach.