Monday, March 12, 2007

This is the BEST day, ever!

Jake made this exclamation today as we walked in from the park. We walked down and spent a couple hours there today. The weather was jackets necessary! The high today is in the mid 60s! The sun is shining, snow is melting and we're enjoying the outdoors again...what more could a boy ask for? Plus there were at least 20 or 30 kids there to play with. Its like human life exists again in the Midwest! (Aunt Stacey, just in time for your visit!)
In the fall, when we went to the park, we always took Jadyn in the wagon. Usually the other two rode bikes. Today, we all walked. Well, I should say one of us walked and the other three RAN! It was the cutest thing to watch the kids: Jordan and Jake stayed about 10 yards ahead with Jadyn in hot pursuit about 9 yards behind! She ran as fast as her tiny little legs would carry her and it was just hilarious! She laughed the whole way which made me laugh the whole way too! So, I guess Jake was right - it is the best day ever!


Anonymous said...

And where are the pictures???


amain said...

Did I not say a week or so ago when we got ALL of that snow that the only thing to make all of that snow perfect was to have warm weather in a week so it would all melt?!? Do I know what I am talking about?!? No doubt about it, this was a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

Sunny Days make us all feel good! What a gift just watching your precious little ones running in the sun. Enjoy them, they grow so fast.
I remember my Mom always telling me, "these are the happiest days of your life" so true.


Stacey Webster said...

God has answered my prayers to get rid of the snow before my visit!! :) hehehe

Sounds like a perfect day. I can't wait to come up and play with them. And there will be two walking (and 1/2 riding), and three running.

Looking forward to it.