Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Miscellaneous moments missed

Ok, so I'm behind on blogging. I have pictures of several things I wanted to blog about - things that aren't really its just a miscellaneous blog. Its been so darn beautiful outside for the past several days, so that's where we've been. We've only done the bare minimum inside.

To start with, our friend, Lisi came over to play last week and we had such a fun time! She's the cutest thing and I just want to gobble her up when I see her. She has the sweetest voice and the cutest curly hair...she's just a doll. She recently turned 3 and even Jake enjoys hanging out with her - does that tell you how FUN she is? Anyway, I'm posting a picture of our dress up fun. Her mom, Amy is a really fun mom (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree) and when Lisi was 2, she would hold up 2 fingers and say she was "peace-out!" Oh my gosh...SO cute! At some point, the kids were all talking about how old they were and I told Lisi that Jadyn was almost 2. She looked at Jadyn and exclaimed, "Jadyn, you're almost PEACE-OUT" with her 2 fingers up! It was so I wish I'd had a camera for that one! Another funny thing: I was helping Lisi put her clip back in her hair and told her she had the prettiest hair. Jake, shocked, said, "But I thought you said JORDAN has the prettiest hair?" Still makes me laugh.

The kids have become accustomed to the camera (which tells me I've done much better) and want me to take their picture frequently. They try to ham it up, so I'm including some of those pictures here as well.

Also, we did a minor re-do of the school room. If you're sick of it, just imagine how Ed feels! I, on the other hand, would only get sick of things always being the same. Trust me, if I could figure out how to rearrange our bedroom or den, it would have been done by now...those are the only two that have remained the same the past year. Poor Eddie...I think he's just resigned himself to the fact that this is the way I am and fortunately for me, he just wants to make me happy. Ahhhh. Anyway, I decided that our little corner of the basement was perfect...just not big enough. So, we rehung my beautiful display-of-sewing-perfection (NOT!) along an open area and doubled the size of our room! Its been great!

I also cleaned out and reorganized the playroom, which was a virtual wasteland of toys! The room has stayed neat since I did it (on Friday)! Which means, my plan actually worked. Wonders never cease! I moved some 'learning toys' into the school room for Jadyn, although she's cracking me up lately as she'd rather spend her time learning sight words with Jordan. You won't hear me complaining about that one! We've come full circle with her since moving our school room to the basement. Before that, she cried any time she heard the word 'school.' Now, she goes running to get her own little chair saying, "I do 'cool too! I do 'cool too!" So cute!

I'm also putting in a picture of Daddy's welcome home everynight. Group hugs. come I don't get a reception like that? (I know the answer...and I'm good with just feels good to ask anyway!).
That's my misc wrap-up!

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