Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, Pastor Lori!

Today is our children's pastor's birthday. If you've read my blog any length of time, you know I'm a huge fan!

*Pastor Lori and her husband Mister Randy are, hands-down, THE reason we loved JCFC at first. (Of course, there's lots more we love now, but they were the first!) She calls the kids at church "HER" kids and I totally love that!
*PL loves kids in a way I've not seen before. I mean, she LOVES kids. What a gift!
*PL has a serious passion for teaching kids about Jesus. She doesn't mess around.
*She is a true example of faith-in-action. Her faith is such an encouragement to me - and an awesome example to follow.
*Her favorite color is purple - you don't have to know her long before you get that!
*Pastor Lori can cook...and I have yet to put anything she makes in my mouth and not think it is to-die-for! (check out our church's cookbook blog for some of her good stuff) Not only is she a good cook, but she genuinely likes feeding don't find a better combination than that!!!
*She has 2 mostly grown kids who love and serve the Lord...she obviously did a super job raising them!
*PL is super organized ... and I love that!
*She is very particular about her hair!
*My kids ADORE her! I love hearing Jadyn say "Pator Waawy"
*One of my favorite things about her is all her funny words...she has some of the funniest little sayings. It always reminds me of Texas! I think she was supposed to be a Southerner!

We love you, Pastor Lori! Thanks for loving our family and enriching our lives the way you have! We are so blessed to have you as not only our children's pastor, but as our friend as well! Happy Birthday!


Lori Eilers said...

Oh, I'm gonna get all teary! I love you all, too! Thanks for the kind words.

randy "that's my wife!" said...

Pastor Lori was definitely meant to be a southerner! From her awsome hospitality, to her temperature issues, to her unique phrases. She would be a great Texan I bet!