Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's all about perspective!

On our way to Jake's soccer game this morning, a really funny conversation took place.
Jake was excited to tell me about his potty-experience at soccer practice last night: "Mom, last night at soccer practice, I had to go to the bathroom and they had a really COOL bathroom there!"
I looked at Ed, in a puzzled fashion, wondering how in the world he could have possibly found such a nice bathroom on the soccer fields.
Ed laughed and said, sort of under his breath, "It was a porta-can."
We cracked up laughing and decided that it all depends on your perspective. To a 5-year-old who's never been in a porta-potty, I guess that's a pretty neat experience.
Personally, I can't think of anything more disgusting...which I said. Out loud. Oops. Ruined the perspective.
As we drove into the parking lot, Jake exclaimed, "There's that bathroom I was telling you about! How DISGUSTING!"

Hmmm...and to think that I ever doubted my powers of persuasion!

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amain said...

Since my husband is a home builder, a porta-potty is at every job site. So last spring the girls and I were walking along outside, and Lisi SHOUTS "Look! There is where Daddy works!" And I look around, because we are no where near a job site, and realize that there is a porta-potty on a commercial job site. NICE! Our daughter equates that with what her Daddy does all day:)