Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Stace!

Seriously, what is my hangup with remembering to blog birthdays? I'm glad I forgot my own kid's so no one has their feelings hurt! :-)

Tuesday was Stacey's birthday...sorry its a couple days late (along with your card!), Stace! (arrghh)

*Stacey turned 27 this year.

*I met her when she was 14...its been amazing to watch her grow up over the years!

*Stacey raised pigs in high school (and I recall a chicken misshap with a neighborhood cat)

*She went to Texas A & M (I think this is the point at which, if you're a fellow Aggie, you say, "Whoop" or whatever) for her undergrad degree

*Stacey is a Physician's Assistant at a big cancer hospital in Houston (not sure if I can say the name or not, so I won't).

*She loves surgery

*Stace got married last summer in Jamaica to Ken

*She is expecting her first baby in July and they are keeping the name a secret (I hoped she would slip & accidentally say the name while she was here, but she didn't...bummer)

*Stacey is very tender-hearted

*She was a bridesmaid in my wedding

*Stacey used to say that my kids were good birth control. Now that she's pregnant, she's glad they typically come one-at-a-time!

Happy Birthday, Stace! We love you!! Hope you had a great day!

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