Saturday, April 14, 2007

Jakey's first soccer game!

This morning was Jake's first soccer game! We had SO much fun watching the "Fireballs" play! He had a great time and did really well - he assisted with 2 goals. Of course, I should mention that they don't play with goalies. At this point, they are just learning the rules and how to play the game. They also don't keep score.
Jake came bounding off the field after the game was over and said, "I had FUN!" He was beaming! It was pretty cold this morning, so he was wearing lots of clothes, but he didn't seem to mind - as long as his purple jersey was on top! As for those of us on the sidelines, we were pretty frozen! The girls did a great job and Jordan cracked me up the way she was cheering Jake on! It was SO sweet! They are each other's biggest fans and encouragers!
Looks like this is going to be a fun season!


Gummie said...

Gummie is so proud of you playing soccer!!! You look so handsome in your purple jersey!!

And Gummie is so proud of Jordan for cheering you on!!

I can't wait to see you both at a game!!


Lori Eilers said...

I'm excited to come to a game. Maybe I can teach Jordan some of the cheers we learned when Keaton played football.

Anonymous said...

How sweet, he looks so proud of himself! Nothings better than his big sister cheering him on!