Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Last night, Ed and I went to our homeschool support group's annual Buy/Sell/Trade. It gives members a chance to sell their used curriculum, books, games, etc. (to make room for the new stuff!) Ed was a great sport and helped me scope out some bargains for our homeschool! And, I think he got a better idea of just how much STUFF we'll be accumulating and why I keep saying I need more bookcases!
This is my loot...all for the bargain price of $33! The bummer is that I didn't get any of the curriculum on my list - but I did get some good books. Several Magic School Bus books (one of which was FREE because it is SO well used!), some books to go along with our 1st grade history curriculum we'll be using in the fall and even a fun math game! I'm still hoping to find our curriculum used...Amazon, here I come!


Lori Eilers said...

Have you ever checked out the Half Price Book Store over by Toys R Us? It's one of those places you have to check often but might be a good source.

Sandy May said...

If you don't have any "takers" for your books for sale, let me know. Adele LOVES homework pages and we often do "workbook and homework pages" at home. It gives us more mommy and me time as well as gives her more education!