Friday, May 04, 2007

Jake's first tooth!

Jake lost his first tooth today! He just discovered it was loose yesterday and I told him that if he wiggled it, it would come out. So, he wiggled the heck out of it yesterday and this morning. I guess things weren't happening quickly enough for him, so he yanked it. Surprising for our chicken-boy!
He's super excited and since his teeth are SO tiny, I talked him into putting it in a glass of water instead of under his pillow! I remember doing that as a kid too!
Such fun!


amain said...

So COOL!!! I want to hear him whistle on Sunday, though:)

Gummie said...

Hey Dollboy!!!

I am soooo EXCITED for you!!!! Your first tooth! WOW! Congratulations!! I wonder what the Tooth Fairy will put in the glass of water when she takes your tooth?? Can you guess?

I am so happy for you and love you very much!


Judy said...

When you were a kid we put your teeth in a glass of water because I got caught with my hand under your pillow... and being the sharp cookie... you weren't even believing that I was fixing your bed. Never did find that tooth!!!

Stacey Webster said...

Too exciting! That boy never ceases to amaze me! I can't believe he pulled it out himself.
So what did the "Tooth Fairy" bring him?