Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy May Day!

Ok, for all my Texas friends, I'll share an Iowa tradition I learned about! May first is known as May Day here and it is celebrated with May Day baskets! Some friends told me recently that the tradition is to make baskets and put them at your friend's/neighbor's front door and then run away. Cute...or creepy...I couldn't decide which. Suffice it to say, its a big deal here!
We began the day at speech therapy where Jordan's therapist had a May Day basket for her! I felt bad that we didn't have anything in return (as I watched all the other therapy kids come in with 'baskets' for their therapists!) and quickly reminded her we were from Texas and had just recently learned of May Day...and at that, I had no idea it would be celebrated at therapy!
Everywhere we went today, we were greeted with "Happy May Day!" So, I started thinking that the kids would have gotten a real kick out of making May Day baskets (note to self for '08) and thinking how fun it would be to leave them at doors and run away. I used to get in trouble for doing that when I was a kid. Of course, I didn't leave a friendly basket. And, I usually knocked more than once. And, I'm pretty sure there wasn't anything celebratory about those events.
This afternoon, we got our first May Day baskets on our front porch! Our friends weren't quick enough in their escape and we 'caught' them as they backed out of the driveway! It was really funny and the kids thought it was great! They were thrilled! So, thanks Colby & Cale for making us such special treats! We can't wait to participate next year!


amain said...

Isabella was running across our neighbor's yard to leave a basket-o-goodies, tripped, poured the contents of the basket across the yard (popcorn, m&m's), picked up what she could (popcorn, m&m's, mulch, dirt) put it all back IN the basket, and left it on the front porch. Nice. Thankfully the family was not home, and I was able to quickly provide a replacement basket...and clean up the rest of the goodies strewn across their front yard. Good Times!

Anonymous said...

We used to celebrate May Day in Texas too! I don't know why we stopped, but when I was a kid it was a big deal... we left baskets for neighbors and teachers, and ... we also had a carnival like celebration at school! So at least old Texans know about May Day!