Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Not meant to be

This may look like an unrecognizable mess at first glance. But, if you know our track record with gazebos, you may very well recognize it as our most recent casualty. Yep...we're 0 for 2 in the gazebo department.
What's up with that? We're trying really hard to enjoy the beautiful weather here - but this wind is ridiculous.
If you don't know the history, precisely one year ago (hmm...), I bought Ed a nice gazebo for his birthday. The kind you set up, stake securely into the ground and leave up for the season. We ate lunch under that gazebo...once. Then, apparently a mild tornado tore through only our backyard around 2am, tore down our beautiful new shade arena, smashed it into a scene similar to the picture here, then carried it into our neighbor's yard...and did none of that quietly. Did I mention it was 2 am? I'm certain our neighbors got a kick out of seeing the two of us dragging our mangled mess back home as they looked out to see what the horrible noise was.
At any rate, a couple months later, we thought we'd beaten the power-winds by purchasing a portable gazebo. We spent all summer putting it up and taking it down...never leaving it so much as unattended.
On Sunday, I went out to run some errands. I returned to this site in our garage and knew immediately what had happened. I guess we're just not meant to own a gazebo!


amain said...

I know a builder who can build you a REAL gazebo...like, out of wood, nails, and cement footings:)

Anonymous said...

Angela, I don't even want to admit how many gazebos/cabana's we went through before building a permanent one! Whenever there were high winds or a storm, the boys would say "well, there goes another cabana"!
I do know that both Sams Club and Costco have some new great ones that look like they would hold up a little better.