Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Week with Gummie

Wow! We had quite a week with Gummie!

She arrived last Thursday night and our days were FULL while she was here! Lots of fun and good times! Here's a recap of our week:

My mom kept the kids Friday & Saturday while we went to a state homeschool conference (NICHE) which was amazing ... but will require a post of its own! :-)

Sunday, we went to church, ate lunch and then walked around to all the playhouses at Jordan Creek with the Cecil family! The kids had such a great time climbing around inside the AMAZING playhouses! My mom bought us raffle tickets, so maybe we'll luck out and have one in our own backyard! (what are the odds??)

Sunday night, we went to a Buzz end-of-year gathering at Pastor Josh's house, which was a ton of fun ... the kids had a blast! The summer break is welcome, but we sure are looking forward to the Buzz in the fall!

Monday, my mom and I took the kids to Living History Farms. Wow ... what an incredible place! This was our first trip and I was thoroughly impressed! Its so well done and a lot of fun. Seeing everything in one day isn't likely with small children, but we managed to see a lot! Its a large museum, of sorts where they have 3 different era farms set up, as they would have been in 1700, 1850 & 1900 as well as an 1875 town! Each area is complete with people to answer questions, show you around, etc - and most are in era garb. I'm looking forward to the next time we can go! The kids were thrilled because they were treated to ice cream at lunch ... and then, Gummie found ROCK CANDY at the General Store and just "HAD" to get some! :-) We had 3 gooey, sticky messes on our hands! When we left, the kids completely passed out in the car! We got home, cleaned up and headed out to dinner ... at ... The Machine Shed, of course! My mom was so impressed with LHF, we had to check out the restaurant!

Tuesday, Jordan had speech therapy, then we bought her a new leotard for ballet, went out to eat lunch & then off to the Heritage Carousel. My friends in Texas won't think anything of that, but this is the only carousel in town and its outside, so its only open Spring-Fall! This was our first ride in a year!

The kids also played at the park across from the carousel and Jakey was thoroughly impressed with the Rocket Playground equipment! Afterwards, we stumbled upon a Sonic and stopped for a snack and a drink. That night, we ended up at the mall for dinner and let the kids play at the play area! They were worn to a FRAZZLE, I tell ya!

Wednesday, Jordan started her private ballet lessons, so my mom was thrilled to get to watch her! We met Ed for lunch at Chips in Ankeny (yum!), then took the kids to the Playground for Kids where I'm pretty sure they burned off every last ounce of energy remaining!

And, that was it. As quickly as she got here, it was time for Gummie to go home! Its true...time sure does fly when you're having fun! Thanks for making our time fly, Gummie!!

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Rays Family said...

Wow! They all look like they had so much fun. Thank God for Gummies and Thank God for Grand Babies!