Friday, June 15, 2007


I love it when God springs really great surprises on us unexpectedly!
We've had lots going on lately - one of those things being that Ed's mom fell a couple weeks ago and broke her ankle. Due to some complications, she isn't having surgery until next week. So, we've been trying to work out the details of Ed going - and then this happened today.

Ed was in Ohio this morning for a meeting and on his way back had a lay-over in Memphis. The flight here was over-sold, so they asked for volunteers to get bumped in exchange for a FREE roundtrip ticket! Wow! We were looking at a $1000+ ticket ... and now its only TEN BUCKS (taxes - those are never free!).

So I've been doing the YAY GOD VICTORY DANCE all afternoon! (A white girl doing any kind of victory dance really isn't pretty, but I'm certain God appreciates it! Right? Hmmm.)
Anyway, a bonus is that Ed has lots of family in Memphis, so he's hanging out with his aunt and uncle tonight - and may get to see his cousin as well! The drawback is that he's gone another night, which completely bums me & the kids out, but its totally worth it!


Becky said...

that is awesome!!!

amain said...

That ROCKS!!!

Lori Eilers said...

God is soooo faithful to His kids. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

So cool!! I love it :)

Jenn said...

That is so great!

Dara said...

id like to see that dance!