Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back To School

Most of our friends went back to school this week and it occurred to me this morning as I was reading all the "Back To School" blogs that homeschooling provides very little hooplah (is that a real word??) with the start. Partly because there's never really an end - and therefore no 'new' beginnings. Its been nice not to have to do the beginning of the year run-around for school clothes and supplies, but we definitely have our fair share of busyness to contend with!

We have started our first grade year for Jordan and Jake ... and Jadyn is convinced she's in Kindergarten! At the ripe ol' age of 2. I'm all for moving kids along if they're ready early (Jake is case-in-point), but 2 is just a wee bit early for Kindergarten!

Anyway, we are in our second full week of school and things are going really well. We had a bit of excitement with the school district last week. Since Jordan has an IEP from school, we have to get approval from the AEA special ed director to homeschool. He assured me that he didn't want to 'get in the way' but also told me we'd have to have an IEP meeting in order to gain his approval. Say what?? Fortunately, I was able to call the Home School Legal Defense Association and get some great legal advice and even some scripting for how to handle the situation. Needless to say, we're not having an IEP meeting and all of our paperwork is turned in. Now we wait for the approval - and he has 30 days to decide.

I'm enjoying our curriculum. We're using My Father's World first grade. I love that it begins each day with a Bible activity and memory verse work and throughout the year, the kids will be reading from a Bible storybook and doing Scripture copywork. I don't know if Jordan's handwriting will reach the skill stage of good copywork this year, but we'll see. We're using Handwriting Without Tears for both of them to help in that area. In addition, Jake is doing Math-U-See & Jordan is doing a lot of hands-on math activities with pattern blocks, etc. We're also using Drawing With Children for art as well as our NACD program activities for oral motor, processing, & other academics, etc. We'll also be doing some unit studies on topics the kids choose. Jordan has already chosen ballet as one - go figure!

Jordan will be doing ballet again - she starts in a couple weeks. Jake starts fall soccer next Tuesday. He'll have practice twice a week and games on Saturday. This should cover us for PE. After soccer, we may do a homeschool PE class at SportsPlex West. We'll see how it all plays out. We'll be doing our weekly library visits and are hoping to make some homeschool park days with other homeschool kids. Of course, we'll go on field trips as well!!

Its shaping up to be a FUN year!


Jena said...

You are a fun teacher! I wish I would've had you :)

Cris said...

My sister uses Math U See and swears by it. We are a Saxon Math family. Have you seen the book "Teach your Child to read in 100 easy lessons." You can Amazon it... I have used it with my kids. It is fab.

Happy schooling!

chefstinsonfamily said...

Thanks for this post! I am soaking in as much info. as I can regarding homeschooling. I emailed you about what has been going on with us this week with Mary's homeschooling! Thanks again for all of your help!!!

Jenn said...

I think you totally should be commended, it is amazing to me how you do it. Amy shared with me last night how you had said it has made you even closer to your children. For me, I think homeschooling would make me closer to strangling my kids. Helping a 2 or 3 year old learn is completely different (for me) than helping a 6,7,8 year old. All I can say is GOD BLESS YOU. I think your wonderful! Let me know about your field trips, Cale and I would love to join you (if you don't mind)

Lori Eilers said...

You amaze me. I so admire people who home school. Let me know if you need a "guest speaker". Hee hee. Ask Jake if he can tutor me in math!

Anonymous said...

You rock, angela!! You have so much planned :) Would you be interested in another 2 year old for your "kindergarten"?

Dara said...

amen to all of this - it is so wonderful that you are willing to sacrifice your own time - your kids will never forget - they may not realize all that you have given until they have their own children or are adults - but its awesome and my hat is off! love you girl!

Holly said...

Hi, I found your blog from the church site... and I found the church site from the new sermon series mailing!

I am not looking for a new church, however I too have a special needs child and I homeschool.

I saw that you do NACD. Do you like it? What do you think about it? If you don't mind discussing it, maybe you could email me?


Love your blog by the way!