Monday, August 06, 2007

Houston - Part 8 (Day 10)

Our last full day in town, we went to Ed's cousin, Audra's house. We had a great time visiting with aunts, uncles and cousins - and the kids loved swimming in the pool! They also have a sports court in their backyard that Ed thoroughly enjoyed! Jadyn got a big kick out of the sprayers near the pool. She thought it was funny to stand over it and pretend she was going tee-tee. Too funny!

Jordan spent a large portion of her day 'stalking' baby Kylie, but I steared clear of her since I'd had a sore throat for a few days. Probably a good thing since Kylie seemed to be completely occupied by her great aunts and grandma!! Babies are always a hit with the Jacksons! Very sweet!

We got to see Aunt KK & Uncle Dave for a little while too. Kel was out of town most of the time we were in town, so it was fun to see them before we left!

As the trip went on, I took fewer pictures. What a bummer. There were so many people I wish I'd gotten pics of. But, I did 'steal' some pictures from Audra's blog!! (thanks, Audra!)

For dinner that night, we met up with Ed's dad (aka Grandpa) & grandma (the only living great grandparent of our kids!). We enjoyed visiting with them and watching some old videos from when Eddie was a kid!

We had a wonderful time in Houston and enjoyed seeing everyone! Even with all the visiting we did, there were still a few others we didn't get a chance to see. Hopefully next trip! Thanks to everyone who made our trip special and took time out to visit with us!! We love you all!

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