Monday, August 06, 2007

Happy WAY belated Birthday, Amy!

My sweet, sweet friend, Amy celebrated her birthday while we were gone and I thought I'd actually get to do a blog for her while in Houston. HA!

Anyway, even though its really late, I still wanted to wish you a happy day, Amy!

*Amy is one of my favorite people here in Iowa. We met at church and even though she says her spiritual gift is paper (which is indeed true!), I'd offer than another spiritual gift is making people feel welcomed and cared for. When you talk to her, you feel like you're the most important person in her life at that moment.

*I think Amy has, at some point, kept every child in our church for one reason or another. She's kept kids while moms ran errands, went to events, packed their houses for moving and even for moms with morning sickness! Perhaps another gift?

*One of the things I enjoy most about Amy is that she is genuine. She's real and honest. Even when its not pretty! :-) But, you can always count on a smile!

*She has a hilarious sense of humor. She's someone that can pull off sarcasm without being sarcastic. Weird - and funny!

*Amy is a FUN mom. She has two of the cutest girls ever, Isabella & Lisi. I love that my kids love her kids!

*I admire Amy for always working hard at her marriage and at being a mom. She's always learning how to do better at both. And, she encourages other moms/wives to do the same.

*Amy is very creative! (I wish she could teach me that!) She has an entire room in her house devoted to CRAFTS! SO fun!

*She is so generous...with her time, her gifts, her money, even herself.

*Amy makes a mean chicken-rice casserole ... and man, if you ever need dinner - she's got you covered! With so little notice, it kills me!

*Amy & I have a lot of family stuff in common. Including having baby brothers close in age!

I have so enjoyed getting to know you, Amy. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! Let's go out and celebrate! :-)

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amain said...

Hey, I was just 'checking in on you', and was I surprised to see my own pix!! Thanks so much for the kind birthday thoughts and wishes:) I think you might be the only person who thinks that I am funny...but, hey!, I will take what I can get!!
And I would LOVE to go out and celebrate with you!!! drive, though...I want to be seen in that style-y new car:)