Monday, August 06, 2007

A New Car!

We've been thinking about buying a new car for a while now, but have so enjoyed not having a car payment that we'd been putting it off. The time came that we were either going to have to start putting some money into my car to fix some things or get something else. Well, thankfully, we stumbled on a really good deal. So, last week, we sold my minivan and bought this 1999 Land Rover. My van had 100,000 miles on it and even though this car is a year older, it only has 55,000 miles! Its in excellent condition and is MUCH nicer than the van. The kids love it and its fun to drive. Its not as convenient as a minivan, but I told Ed this would give me a chance to decide for sure if I'm a minivan or SUV mom! I know I'll enjoy the heated seats this winter. Its like a new toy for Ed. He babies the heck out of it & finds any excuse to drive it every night. And, he's already making plans for what kind of boat it will pull!
A bonus is that these cars are made to last forever ... an easy 250,000+ miles. So, we've got some drivin' to do! And, we've bought some more time without those pesky big ol' car payments!


Becky said...

congrats!!! I think I heard Ed talking about this car awhile ago...isn't it awesome when you feel like you really got a great deal. gotta love that!

TheMumm5 said...

Very cool! After seeing it, Jaron was going on and on about how we needed one! I think he liked how Jake could crawl in the back :)

amain said...

Aren't you just the envy of your friends and neighbors, now???
And with heated seats, maybe you will come around to thinking that Iowa in the winter is OK?!?

Dara said...

congrats! this is so cool!