Monday, October 01, 2007

7th Time's a Charm??

Jordan began losing her baby teeth when she was 4 (apparently when kids GET teeth early, they also start losing them early). Before yesterday, she'd lost a total of 6 teeth ... and we had NONE of them! We figure she'd swallowed them while eating. Her baby teeth are SOO tiny, so 'catching' them has been difficult.
Yesterday on our way to Life Group, she showed us a new loose tooth, so we really encouraged her to try to save it when it fell out.
As we walked in to Amy's house for Life Group, Jordan handed me something that fell out of my hand. I looked at her and realized it was her TOOTH! We found it on the floor of Amy's entryway and thankfully were able to hold on to it!!! I was so excited! And, so was Jordan!


amain said...

call me wacky, but I am honored that she lost a tooth at my house! I just LOVE that girl!
actually, I just LOVE all of your kids, but this post is about Jordan:)

TheMumm5 said...

My question is...what do you do with the teeth you save? I have some of jaron's and I don't know what to do with them.

Hooray for Jordan!!!

Lori Eilers said...

I love reliving my kids' childhood through all of yours!

Jenn said...

It is so exciting for the kids and parents. PS jenn I just tuck Colby's away in a baggie, in a hidden drawer. Not sure what else to do with them.

stephanie said...

it must be 'tooth season'...cody has his first loose tooth, announced yesterday!