Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Start of a New Chapter

This weekend was so exciting for Jakey. He went to his first sleepover - at his friend Jaron's house! (You can read Jen's blog about the event & see pictures here!) He'd been excited all week, counting down the days! We dropped him off around 4pm on Saturday, and honestly, I had a hard time with it. It just felt like such a BIG deal and he still felt too young (which he might be, but his 'peers' are older, so that changes the dynamics a bit)!!
As we were loading his stuff, we had this conversation:
Me: "You know what this means, don't you?"
Jake: "Yes - I'm gonna have FUN!"
Me: "No, it means you are getting big - and you're growing up too fast. I want you to stay my little boy."
Jake (VERY seriously): "Sorry, mom. I can't. I have to get big like Daddy." True, indeed!
The boys had a blast and of course, stayed up way too late being silly boys. Jake's already looking forward to when he can do it again!

When Jake and I were first discussing him going to Jaron's, Jordan got in on the action pretty quickly and wanted to know if she could have her friend Dakotah over for a sleepover! Looks like we've begun a new chapter with our kids!


TheMumm5 said...

SO MUCH FUN!! But I am sure I will be a bit emotional when Jaron sleeps over at someone's house :) (actually, I may worry more about him being a stinker!!)

Thanks for letting Jake come over!!

Lori Eilers said...

I LOVED thst time in my kids' lives. Many fond sleepover memories!

stephanie said...

very brave ....we have yet to go there!