Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Beggar's Night

Last night was Beggar's Night in Iowa.

For my friends outside of Iowa, it's always the night before Halloween when the kids go trick-or-treating. The deal is that when you knock on a door, you're supposed to tell a joke in exchange for candy/treats. I don't know why they do it that way here, but they do ... and I actually like it. For us, it takes the emphasis off "halloween," but still gives the kids an opportunity to dress up and go trick-or-treating.

Yesterday was an interesting one for us. First of all, Jake lost his privilege to go trick-or-treating and subsequently to dress up. For sneaking candy (that he got at the church festival a couple weeks ago) and food without asking & then lying about it. His choices have been less than stellar, let me tell ya.

Well, to top it off yesterday afternoon, he got sick to his stomach and threw up - on the living room floor! The fun started when I scrambled to get towels for him (because clearly he wasn't making any effort to get to the bathroom). I tried to get him cleaned up - and typically vomit doesn't really bother me. I mean, I don't LIKE it or anything, but I can manage to muddle through. Well, not yesterday! I gagged at the smell ... and then started throwing up myself! I called Ed at work and told him I needed him to come home! I felt SO bad, but both times I tried to clean up poor Jake, I was sick myself. Pitiful! Thankfully, Ed, as always was a trooper and cleaned it all up for us! So, as it turned out, we probably wouldn't have let Jake go trick-or-treating anyway ... and I don't think he felt like it. Bummer ... sort of takes the sails out of the consequences.

Anyway, Jordan dressed up as a ballerina (with a long sleeved shirt since it was a little chilly) and Jadyn was a ratty cowgirl. Our friend Mia came over to go trick-or-treating as well! The girls had a great time.

Oddly enough, Jake did too. Funny, this was supposed to be an undesirable consequence. But, while the girls were gone last night, this is what he said: "Mom, this is the best night ever! I get to be at home, just me and you!" Hmm...funny how kids will tell you exactly what they need, if you really listen. Guess we know what to work on!


stephanie said...

oh bless your hearts...

cute pics....

amain said...

Just an FYI...when Isabella was nagging me non-stop for more Halloween candy, I said to her, "you know that Jakey puked because he ate more candy than his mom allowed him to." That pretty much stopped her in her tracks:) So thanks for sharing your story and giving me some ammunition.