Wednesday, January 02, 2008

7 Years ago today

January 2nd always brings memories of Jordan's open heart surgery. This picture is from when she was about 24 hours old. I wish I had taken pictures of her before and after her surgery, but at the time it seemed like a memory I didn't want to have later. I couldn't see beyond the struggle of those days.
Looking back, I can't believe its been 7 years already. January 2, 2001 was a really powerful day for us. Difficult, as you can imagine in many ways. Our 3 month old daughter was going in to have valves CREATED for her heart. She would undergo a dangerous and difficult multi-hour surgery. I mean, consider the size of an infant's heart. The fact that anyone can even operate on such a tiny little structure just astounds me. Jordan was born with what is called a Complete AV Canal Defect. Basically, rather than having a properly functioning tricuspid valve and mitral valve, Jordan had one big "floppy" valve. Because of this, the simple act of breathing burned tremendous energy and calories and she was on a feeding tube until after surgery. I remember longing just to feed my baby. Without pouring milk into a syringe. It almost seems comical now.
Besides the difficulties of that day, what stands out more to me is the overwhelming, indescribable sense of peace that Ed and I had. Truly an honor to experience the "peace that surpasses all understanding." We prayed for Jordan with such a peace, we waited for hours with such peace - even laughing and talking in the waiting room. That memory will always be stronger than any other of that day. God took care of us in a way that words cannot describe. An unfathomable strength in the midst of what should have been tremendous fear and trepidation. Even anger and frustration. That day built our faith in the provision of our amazing God like no other before or since.
When I think back to that day, where we are today seems like I should be saying, "Well, OF COURSE!" Even though the future was uncertain (as it is for all of us), that day provided us with the unshakable faith that God's plans are indeed PERFECT. His provision abounds. He does delight in giving us the desires of our hearts. I not only got to feed my baby without a syringe a few short weeks after her surgery, but she was even nursing (something I was told not to expect) ... and now, who would have thought ... the kid eats all by herself! LOL! God is so good.
I'm thankful for the reminder of January 2nd!!


Anonymous said...

Angela, thank you for sharing. This is such a wonderful story!

Lori Eilers said... saw with your own eyes the hand of God working for your child. Beautiful memory, beautiful girl.

stephanie said...

Just WOW...that is all.

Dara said...

I love the way that God uses our children to increase our faith - your phrase - an experience like none before or since - just took me to the birth of Colin - it wasn't what you went through - but for me it was a very powerful moment of God's hand at work in our family. Thanks for sharing.