Friday, January 04, 2008


Wow, what an experience Iowa caucusing is!! Ed and I were like little kids by the time we BARELY made a timely entrance to our CORRECT caucus location. Geez ... I'm certain I looked up the location - but third time's a charm and I'm just glad we started out early!!
We took the kids with us and since it was STANDING ROOM ONLY at our location, there really wasn't much for them to see or hear, but they did a great job of sitting and coloring quietly!

I'm sure there are plenty of Iowans that are sick and tired of all the political ads, calls and mailings and plenty more that take the process for granted. I, for one, felt very honored to be a part of such an important process.

And what makes it even better? My man, Mike Huckabee, WINNING, of course! We've supported Huckabee since he was a 'nobody' and are just thrilled that so many people have had a chance to support him.

Hillary coming in THIRD is just icing on the cake!


Lori Eilers said...

It was GREAT! Our place was PACKED, too. Go Mike!

stephanie said...

oops i emailed you before i checked in on the blog this morning!

hooray for hucakabee! and for you guys and your kids getting to be a part. i always take the kids when i vote just to drive home the privilege it is.

and you are oh so right about the icing on the cake!!!

Anonymous said...

We too are Huckabee supporters!

Can't wait till it's our turn here in Michigan. I must tell you that we first learned of him when we read about him on your blog.

Hope your feeling good!


amain said...

And this is why we are friends!!
Should you not be here in another 4 years, we will invite you to come stay at our home and just enjoy the process all over again!!