Friday, February 29, 2008

Arg! Frustrations!

So many things happening ... and yet, I've blogged none of it. Some of what's going on I can't blog about just yet.
This has been one unproductive week around here. Full of stress and frustrations. Today seems to be icing on the cake - which is pretty sad considering its only 9:30am.
A couple days ago, I woke up with pain in my back on one side - I was afraid it was a kidney issue. Plus, I just did not feel good. At all. I already had a chiropractor appointment, so I went to that and shared my concern with him, but didn't get much response. And, in fact the one I got I didn't really appreciate - a comment to the effect that I didn't need to be self-diagnosing stuff. Huh? Excuse me? I'm pretty sure its MY body and it IS my job to "listen" to it and pay attention. He's not usually like that, so I left pretty frustrated.
I already had an appointment with my midwife for yesterday morning - complete with my glucose test. Well, turns out I do have a kidney infection. Oh really? Not a huge surprise. But, its really scary for me. Especially since the last time I had a kidney infection, it ended up spreading to my blood (E. Coli septic) and landed me in the hospital for a week (this being 2 days after Jake was born...NOT fun!). So, I spent most of yesterday drinking a gazillion gallons of water with cranberry juice concentrate added to it; taking cranberry supplements and spending a good deal of time going potty. Last night, I was feeling pretty lousy and of course, getting more scared that what I was doing wasn't working, but thankfully, I woke up feeling better this morning. No more pain in my back. PRAISE GOD! I'm drinking away again today ... and you can bet, that will continue EVERY day! Especially considering the stage of pregnancy I am (almost 28 weeks) - infection is just scary stuff. Premature delivery even scarier right now.

Ok, so these next couple things aren't quite as dire, but they just give you a glimpse of my morning: Ed was showing me something as I was washing dishes this morning and as I turned around, I missed the blender I was washing with the pull out sprayer on the sink and sprayed myself from shoulder to toe, covering floor and all! Ugh! Then, only moments later, I went to push in a chair at the table and I don't know how, but slammed my toes into one the chair legs. OUCH! I'm pretty sure I have at least one broken toe - which I know, isn't anything unusual, but it still hurts! Ed said, "Maybe you shouldn't go anywhere today." No kidding.

Then, I get a phone call from my midwife's office and guess what? My glucose test is positive. Never has been before when I ate sugar morning, noon and night! But, of course, when I feel like I'm doing everything RIGHT ... everything's a mess!
So, I have to go back next week for a 3-hour test. I knew this was a possibility of course, but its just so frustrating. Its just one of those days. I know this too shall pass. Oh, thank you, LORD, for that knowledge. And for knowing that YOU are in control!
Ugh. Its all I can say.
Aren't you all glad I'm done whining now? At least to you, anyway! :-)


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry :( Was your glucose test really high or just barely over? I always had to go in for the 3 hr test and I always passed it...but it made me feel so sick and shaky. I am praying for ya and I hope you have a better day this afternoon:(

Rays Family said...

Praying for you Angela, I'm glad you shared your trials so we can all keep you in our prayers. Hang in there, things will get better.


angelasustala said...

My score was 179 - I guess the cutoff for "normal" is between 120 & 140? So, I don't know if that's particularly high or not??? I'm encouraged by knowing you always passed the 3-hour, Jen!! Thanks!

Becky said...

sorry for you rough day(s). sometimes we just need to vent, it doesn't always solve things, but it nice to get things off our chest. we will be praying for you and your family. hope your day gets better:)

Anonymous said...

My number was right around there...I almost refused the test with the third pregnancy because of the nausea and the soreness from the blood draws (who normally chugs THAT MUCH sugar at once??). But my doctor guilted me into it.

stephanie said...

praying for you... and so sorry to hear of your disappointments, as it seems if all were right in the world someone behaving in such a disciplined manner while pregnant should be rewarded with the perfect pregnancy! too bad it doesn't work that way, huh? man, hopefully not only will this too pass, but maybe it will pass quickly!!!

amain said...

Oh, Girlfriend, I had no idea all of this was going on when you came over Friday night!!
That is all just a big bummer, but we will pray for your good health and no trouble with the glucose test next week:)