Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jakey-bake!

Friday was Jacob's 6th birthday! Just like with Jadyn's birthday, I'm amazed every year at the amount of time that seems to pass so quickly. In many ways, its hard to remember our family without Jakey.

Jake is something else. In many ways, he's not your 'typical' 6-year old boy.

He's extremely articulate - but also painfully shy - so sometimes that doesn't come out around people outside our family.

He's incredibly intense. Everything about him is intense. He is extremely precise. And very literal. He has an acute sense of smell and touch ... which generally drives the rest of us batty. He can smell things we can't and its usually hilarious to hear his description of what he smells! His clothes have to be just right or he's literally miserable! From tags on shirts to how tight his pants are or aren't - even the seam in his socks - it all has to work just so! Since he was a baby, he has hated strings ... it could be a tiny little thread or piece of hair, but if it was on him, he knew it. He has managed to teach the girls to hate strings as well.

He has an amazing memory. We frequently call him "elephant-boy."

He LOVES to learn. And he LOVES games. And, if you can combine the two with an educational game, all the better in his book. He loves all things academic. Whether its a workbook, flashcards, an encyclopedia-type book or math worksheets, he's in heaven. His brain is in constant "ON" mode. That actually makes him a challenge to parent. He needs to have his brain engaged in something at ALL times!

He loves homeschooling. And he makes my job easy and a joy!

He would prefer to only wear the color BLUE. From head to toe.

He loves boy-humor ... and his dad is quite proud of that!
He's an incessant talker. The boy started talking at 9 months (and I mean talking!). I'm certain he hasn't stopped since.

He loves to pester his sisters. Sometimes I think its a hobby. And, I might be right. So, in many ways, he IS a typical 6-year old boy!!

I love you, Dollboy. You have brought so much joy to my life and I feel so lucky God chose ME to be your MOM! Happy Birthday, Jakey-bake!

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