Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Jake's birth - DAY

Jake was so excited about his birthday and he didn't come into contact with anyone for 3 days before or after without mentioning it! Even to people in line behind us at the grocery store! That is SOOO not like him!
We had such a fun day - starting with presents to open in the morning! It was quite a loot! He got games, puzzles, legos, a kite, a super-spy 'piggy' bank, gift card to Toys R Us and thanks to Uncle Ken, even a whoopie cushion (that he couldn't remember the name of, so he called it a "tooter!"). What boy can live without a tooter?
We had a special breakfast of stuffed french toast which was a big treat - and we went to dinner with our friends the Cecil's at Texas Roadhouse. Everyone got a turn sitting on the "horse!" Mandy made Jake a really cool Spiderman cake - so after dinner we all headed back to our house for cake and ice cream!

It was a really fun day. Saturday, we went to Toys R Us to spend the gift card. He already knew exactly what he wanted and that it was exactly $20 - a remote-controlled flying Pterodactyl!


Sarah said...

I love the pictures, especially the first one of Ed and the kids.

I also love the Spiderman cake! Too cool!!

The french toast recipe sounds delicious ...will you post it??

angelasustala said...

Sarah - the recipe is nothing glamorous, but its super easy! Here ya go:
Stuffed French Toast - spread cream cheese on two slices of cinammon-raisin bread; top with 4 slices ham & pinch bread together around edges to "seal." Mix egg and some milk in a bowl - dip sandwich in egg mixture and cook until golden brown, then flip.

Jena said...

Happy birthday Jake!!! That spiderman cake rocks :)

Jen Mumm said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!!

Lori Eilers said...

It was great to get to see my Jakester on his big day!! I got a sneak peek of the Spiderman cake when I stopped by the Cecil's and it was amazing! Jacob Eugene Sustala is a wonderful young man who is destined to do great things for his community and His Savior! Love ya Jakester.

stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Jake!! In the other post, some of your description of him reminds me of Casey Ryan. (just some though, so don't be afraid! : )

Stacey said...

Happy BIrthday Jacob!