Monday, August 04, 2008

A Month Later...

I can't believe nearly a month has passed since my last post!! So much has happened! We are officially Houston residents once again and its been fun to be back and catch up with our families. We're looking forward to catching up with all of our old friends as well! Its hard to believe we've been gone for 5 years!
We're leasing a house while we wait to sell the house in Iowa and look for and/or build a one here. It ended up taking our moving truck more than a week to get here - so we've only been in the house a week and a half. Amazingly, however, we are unpacked and settled in. The only room left to organize is the school/craft room (which is technically a media room).
Jace has turned into a really sweet, and (dare I say???) easy baby! He's mellowed tremendously. He's still pretty particular, but we're understanding his needs a little better, so that helps. I can't believe he's already two months old. He's huge and adorable!! He smiles a lot and loves to "chat!" I'll post pictures soon. The other kids are doing great. They still really miss their friends in Iowa. They have been great throughout the major life changes recently. Especially Jordan! She has handled it remarkably well!!! I'm really proud of her. Change is typically really hard on her!!
Interestingly enough, we're currently hunkered down, waiting for a tropical storm/possible soon-to-be-hurricane to roll in tonight/tomorrow. Its been brutally HOT. This IS the Houston I remember!
My brother, Erin, is on leave this weekend and I actually got to see him!! That is one of my favorite parts about being back in the homeland! Eric says he may be home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Can't wait to see him as well.
We've also had the chance to see our niece, Kylie a few times and man, is she a cutie! Our kids just adore her - and she thinks Jake is hilarious. He chases her around and she just giggles away! So cute.
I really miss everyone in Des Moines!! And, there are lots of little things I miss. Like no hurricanes. And no traffic. And, the small town. And, for that matter, the temperatures. That will flip this winter, however!! I figure we'll be lovin' the winter temps around here!! Probably won't be nearly as cold as I remember it being before!
I'll update again soon - hopefully with pictures.


amain said...

So good to hear from you, and to hear that all is well. We sure do miss you!!!
in total friendship,
amy,mark,isabella & lisi

Tiffany said...

Hi Angela,

I have a new layout for you!
Check your email :)


Lori Eilers said...

Oh finally...some news from the Sustala fam! I can't begin to tell you how much I already miss you guys and have been thinking about you a lot. Especially with the weather updates. Kiss the kids for me and I think I'll have to give you a call so I can hear your voice. Love you all.

stephanie said...

so glad you are back in action! you've been missed, but i've been imagining all that is going on for you over the last month!

when all the dust settles, i'd love to see you!!(no pressure!)

Sarah said...

Glad that you are settled in!!

Can't wait to see pics!!

Chat soon!! :)

P.S. Email me your new address when you have a second ...

Lori Eilers said...

LOVE the new layout!!!!

Stacie said...

love the new the new address even more!!! hope to have an opportunity to see you face to face soon.