Saturday, August 30, 2008

Settling In

I can't believe we've been in Houston for six weeks already! Time has FLOWN by - and it doesn't feel like we've accomplished all that much.

The majority of our time has been spent house shopping, visiting family and unpacking. This past week has been a tad more productive and it almost feels like LIFE is starting to take shape here.

We had a pretty successful week of homeschooling. By 'successful' I mean that everyone got a little review time in. I have to adjust my goals - which tend to be unrealistic most of the time anyway - to accommodate Jace.

I've always heard from other moms that the hardest time to homeschool is with a newborn or a toddler. Well, I've done the toddler thing and now we're doing the newborn thing. It is a challenge, but one I think we can conquer with a little patience and flexibility ... hmmm ... two things that aren't exactly my strong suit!! :-) God does love to develop our character through life circumstances and I suppose this is no exception. Its a good thing that I absolutely LOOOOVE homeschooling!

Jordan is starting ballet on Wednesday. I actually found her a homeschool ballet class. She will be one of the younger students, but I think that will be good for her. The teacher was very enthusiastic about her being involved. Jake has soccer practice on Wed and his first game next Saturday. Jadyn is starting gymnastics on Thursday. Its her first 'activity' - and I'm not typically a fan of starting kids quite so early, but I think it will be good for her. This lease house that we are in has several columns that lead into the dining room and the kitchen. The other day I turned around and that cute little thang had shimmied right on up one of them!! Yep, gymnastics, here we come. I figure, if nothing else, maybe they can teach her how to land so she doesn't hurt herself! :-)

Trying to get the activities lined up for the kids really made me miss everyone in Iowa. We were so blessed to have such great friends - at P.E., ballet, soccer, HEED, church - and even the best neighbors! We miss you all! Its always a challenge to feel like we're starting all over again with making friends and getting plugged in. Meeting new people is not really one of my gifts. But, it will be worth it - and I know we'll be plugged in to a new circle of friends in no time. God has been so faithful to provide such amazing friends at every stop along our journey!! Not to mention that we have some fabulous friends here already!

I should mention that being close to family has been wonderful! The kids have been so thrilled to get to see Grandma and Gummie so often. Plus, getting to see my little brother when he was on leave. We've had the chance to see Kylie and Stacey - and Kylie absolutely loves Jakey!!! Its too cute and makes him feel really good! Plus, I had the most wonderful surprise the other day. My sister-in-law, Beth and my neice, Lauren came over with lunch! It was so fun to not only see them, but to know that we can visit anytime! We're going to Ed's cousin, Audra's on Monday for the holiday, so that will be fun as well!

Can you believe Jace will be THREE months old tomorrow??? Gracious, where does the time go? I went to a homeschool support group open house this week and had him in the sling while my mom kept the other kids at home. He's finally got enough head control that I can carry him facing out - and he was on cloud 9! He smiled at and "chatted" with everyone there! It was too cute. He's a sweet and happy little guy. I'll have to post some new pics soon.

Well, I think that covers the latest with us. I'll try to stay a little more current - and I'm sure hoping to get and stay caught up with reading blogs! Its amazing how fast they add up when you get behind!


amain said...

hello, friend! It is so good to get the low-down on what's going on with you! And in all of that information, I am hanging on to your comment re: "patience & flexibility". I think that is the challenge, and the goal, for every mom:)
BTW, I am signing Lisi up for gymnastics this week, too!!!
Post new pix...

Dara said...

hey great to see that you are getting settled. i am so happy for you that you are near family. i envy you in that regard!
we love and miss your sweet family.
have an awesome holiday weekend!

Dara said...

after her speech you know what i thought - if Angela was VP - that is what she would sound like! She would have canceled the jet and sold it on E-bay too. I bet she is a person who will expect more after hearing that speech!
Here's what I say - what the heck does the VP do? Im sure they have a boat load of duties, but if she were working as a Governor already and didn't plan to quit that job - no better person than a woman who can sock it to em to get the right job done than a mother who understands what a real challenge is. I wish her the best and hope that her child doesn't suffer because of it, but in turn it allows more benefit for this child, and helps others with DS better resources and exposure, and any other blessing that can come their way. She makes McCain look good.