Thursday, November 06, 2008

Grandma's Hip

She's "hip" for sure, but this is actually literally about her hip.

On Monday, Ed's mom had hip replacement surgery. She fell and broke her hip about 6 years ago, but the screws caused some probs and a replacement was in order.
She's coming to stay with us for the first part of her recovery once she's released from the hospital (hopefully tomorrow). The kids are looking forward to having her here, but I'm not sure they fully understand she won't be the "hip" grandma they're used to! They are excited to help take care of her, though and I know the older three will be great helps.
Anyway, this past weekend, she brought over all her "handicapped" paraphernalia - and here's what you would expect from her son ...

Even "popping a wheelie" (or attempting to) -

If nothing else, Eddie will be good for some 'comedic therapy' while his mom is here!

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