Thursday, November 06, 2008

Our friend, the snake

This morning we were getting ready to leave for gymnastics. Jake took his backpack out to the car and came back in and announced:
"MOM! There's a SNAKE in the garage!"

Me: "Are you SURE its a SNAKE and not a worm?" (the boy does tend to over-react...I'm pretty sure he gets that from his dad)


So, I went outside to see. Sure enough, it was a snake! "Just" a little garden snake - probably about 15-18 inches long. But, a SNAKE nonetheless!

I was pretty proud of myself that I thought to get the camera before sending Jake to the neighbor's house to get help! Our awesome neighbor, Wes, came over with shovel in hand and took care of it. I'm so lovin' the fact that Wes works from home!

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