Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I got this email from Ed today and it just stirred my heart. Check out the video and then read his message below.
He's such a great dad!


This video makes me think about Jakey’s response about his trophies this past weekend.

Mom: “Which trophy is your favorite?”
Jake: “The small one.”
Mom: “Why?”
Jake: “Because you and Daddy gave it to me.”
Mom: “We gave you the big one”
Jake: “My favorite trophy is the big one.”
Mom: “Why?”
Jake: “Because you and Daddy gave it to me.”

I hope I never forget these conversations and how impactful we are on the lives of our kids. When you see me messing up, please help me get back on track.
Thanks, I love you.


Lori Eilers said...

That was amazing...thanks for sharing. You and Ed are great parents. I love this quote..."It's better to build children than to repair men."

Sandy May said...

I love it! This has been the same focus for me this past year of how can I make memories for my daughter that she will look back in fondness. I certaintly do not want to overlook this and get caught up in work that is easy to do. It brought tears to my eyes. Both of you are such loving and doting parents!