Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bubby!

In some ways, it seems like forever ago, but in other ways it just doesn't seem possible that an entire year has already passed since our little man arrived.

I still look back on May 31, 2008 in awe. Its a day we'll remember not only for Jace's birth, but also for Jordan's first (and in all likelihood only) ballet recital. I was early pregnant with Jace when I found out the date of the recital and I remember saying to a friend that I would be at that recital unless I was in full-blown labor. Ha ha! I lied. I stood in that recital for an hour, with contractions 5 minutes apart. It was BRU.TAL! But completely worth it.

Jace was born a couple hours later. It was so wonderful ... beautiful ... amazing. My second homebirth. Easy delivery, despite the fact that he was a whopping 10 pounds! Jakey helped Ed cut the cord. Our family of SIX was piled on our bed when Jace was just a few minutes old. My mom, Ed's mom, my little brother Erin and his girlfriend, Beth were all at our house. It was as wonderful as a birth can be. Precious memories! But, you already know about all that. Can't help my little trip down memory lane!

Jace is a sweet little guy. He's known as Bubby, Bubs, Bubs-a-rooni and Jacey-bace around here. Where all these silly little names come from, I don't know, but somehow they stick. He's a happy little guy as long as he's not hungry. He gets downright mean when he's hungry. I have NO idea where he gets that from! Interestingly enough, he is our 'worst' talker of all. He says fewer words at this age than any of the others did. But, he has the cutest voice when he does talk! He's our first 'normal' crawler. The other 3 all had the same weird crawl. Jace is a major momma's boy. I love it (most of the time), because I know my time's limited! :-) He also loves to eat. So far, we haven't found much he doesn't like ... except, as it turns out, birthday cake! He adores his brother and sisters. Jadyn is his current fave. He calls for her when she's in another room. SO cute! He gives the biggest, sloppiest kisses ever ... and nothin' beats that!

Yesterday, we celebrated his birthday with a house full of people who love him! It was so much fun and the company so good, it lasted all afternoon! Thank you to everyone that came - we had a blast! The weather was perfect and the kids all played great together.

A cake of his own

Happy Birthday to You!

New toy from Grandma

Hangin' outside

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