Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Soccer, MayFest & More

You might want to grab a tall glass of sweet tea or a cup of coffee before we get started. This is a long one. And should be. Its been a while since I've updated things here. I would say that I'm going to do better, but you've heard that before ...
Anyway, here are the highlights of the past couple months. Enjoy!
Spring Soccer ended with a bang. The boys played in a tournament - which meant we were at the soccer field from 7:30am until 3 or 4pm. It was a looong day, but loads of fun! We had a canopy and cooler of food and drinks. Ed brought his hammock and horseshoes to enjoy between games. And, the weather even cooperated. It was a beautiful day (by Houston standards, anyway!)

5 of the 8 boys on the team (2 couldn't make it to the tournament & one was injured in the last game)
My proud boy ... AKA "The Scientist" ... showing off another trophy to add to the collection!Proud Sharks!!!Hangin' in the back of the van between games. Jace is crawling around in there. That didn't last long!Ed's first attempt at getting into the hammock didn't work out so well!


Jadyn also had a fun end-of-the-year event to show off her gymnastics skills - called MayFest. She's made a lot of progress since she started and really loves it. She's moved up with each evaluation and thinks she's hot stuff. I didn't think she would notice or care about the evaluations, but it turns out, she cares very much and makes it her goal to move to the next level each time. Cracks me up. Who would have thought THAT child would have such FOCUS??? We love her gym - and her coaches!!
Balance beam
Backward rollRingsTrampoline (her favorite - go figure!)Forward roll off the springboardHammin' it up for Daddy!Getting her trophy Not that you can tell by her face (this is her camera-smile) - but sooo excited!!
Jordan will have her end of the year program for ballet next week. I'm sure I'll have a picture or two of that to share! :-)

The rest of the pics are of random stuff of late ...

Fun with Uncle Eric

Jace's first spaghetti dinner. Think he liked it? I'm sure I've mentioned how much the boy likes to eat!! He eats more than Jadyn most of the time! And better - we haven't found anything he doesn't like! His first birthday is this weekend - so more pix of this cute guy to come!
Grandma brought Kylie over to play one afternoon and the kids had a blast in the backyard! She loved riding the glider with Jakey!
Jadyn's booboo. She was running in the house (Despite the fact that I'm certain I say "No running in the house!" about 400 times per day) - and she fell in the entry hall. As she went down, she nailed her head on the front door - right on the edge where the leaded glass insert and door meet. OUCH! As you can tell by her face, she was NOT a happy camper. But, thanks to Arnica, it was almost gone within a couple hours. Good stuff, man!***********************************************************************
My cute boy in a box. You know what they always say ... just give 'em a box to play with! This is the box our new curriculum came in and he had a ball!


BOTH of my Magnolia trees bloomed!!! We had so many beautiful blooms ... and I wasn't convinced the trees were even going to survive, much less produce these beauties! Right outside our study and dining room windows. Love it!


A baby bird in our backyard. Jordan chased off the mom before we could stop her! Fortunately, the momma came back and got this cute little thing. Another birdie in our yard was not so lucky after it flew into our window - that one didn't make it.


After 7 weeks of waiting, we got new curtains in the den. The ceilings are 18 foot and Ed is afraid of heights, so this was no DIY project! They are just side panels, but look beautiful. I said to Ed that they just look like they belong. Well, I must be right, because both our moms came over and neither one of them even noticed the curtains! You can't really see the fabric, so here's a close up. Its not something I would have picked out without help, but I love it!

That's all for now. I have a few more pictures to upload - later.


Sarah said...

Love it!

Lori Eilers said...

The kids are soooo big! I miss y'all so much. Wish I could see them all in action. Ed's pic is hilarious! The curtains are beautiful. Can't believe Jace is gonna be can a year go so quickly? Love to all, hugs and kiss for Ed...that's just weird.