Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boat Show

After swimming today, we headed to the Houston Boat Show!

The-land-where-all-dreams-come-true for Eddie! He fully intends to pass his love of boats (and oceans and fishing) on to his children. Sadly for him, he did not marry a girl with the same love of water. I try. I really really try. Like today. A half-day of our week-long "staycation" spent wandering the halls of Reliant, looking at and admiring all things water-craft.
(I love this picture - Ed & Jake both have their eyes closed. Like father, like son! Half of the pictures I take of them are like this.)

I was diggin' the pontoon party boats. Those are Nice. And, the yachts. Oh, yeah. Now, we're talking boating I can get excited about. Ed is more interested in a fishing boat. Fishing in the ocean. One that could be used for skiing is a plus, but not a necessity. Kitchenettes, bedrooms, TVs, pillows, coffee makers, microwaves ... not on his wish-list. But a potty is. All because he knows that's the one luxury that will entice me to go with him. Occasionally.

Before the day was over, Ed found the one!

Here's why its the one.

This shows just how roomy the potty is ... or not!

It'll still be a while before we take the plunge ... so, for now, we have fun dreaming!

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