Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Moving More Furniture

Remember my new school room? Well, a few days later, we decided to separate the girls into their own rooms. Our house has 5 bedrooms, so we have the luxury of letting each of the kids have their own room. And, the girls just weren't sleeping well (or enough) even after sharing a room for 8 months.
Jordan got her full size bed back and we split up the bunkbeds for Jake & Jadyn. Jadyn's room is in serious need of some decorating. I bought a Martha Stewart tissue paper kit a while back (on clearance at WalMart) that will look adorable!

Remember the BEAST of a computer desk that needed to be moved from the school-room-turned-playroom (now Jadyn's room)? Well, I lured my little brothers over with steak. They earned it, for sure!

I was giving Jace a bath while the boys were moving this thing, so Erin's girlfriend Beth took pictures for me. Here's a few extras I was pleasantly surprised to find on my camera! My kids LOVE Beth and so do I. She's beautiful - inside and out.

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