Sunday, July 05, 2009

First {Wobbly} Steps!

I can hardly believe we have an actual average aged child to take his first steps! It only took 4 kids to get here! Not that we've ever been in a hurry for our kids to walk ('cause I find it SO much easier as the parent to have a late walker - for a whole host of reasons), but average would be O.K.
Before today, the earliest walker was Jake at 14 months. Jadyn was 15 months and Jordan ... oh, bless her heart ... she was 20 months. Two months AFTER Jake was born, I might add. Yeah, that was fun.
But, I digress. This is all about our Little Man!

Last week, Jace took several steps, several times in a row. Since then ... nada. Until today. It all clicked - the light bulb went off - the desire kicked in - and the muscles cooperated. He turned 13 months four days ago.

So, for your viewing pleasure - a couple attempts to catch it on video.

***Let me just apologize for my squeals. New walkers are one of my very favorite things in the whole world and clearly, I get carried away. You might want to lower your volume. Seriously.***


ehardin said...

toooo cute! way to go Jace!
Thats great! so much fun!
maybe you next one will walk even early! *wink*

Angela said...

LOL! you are too funny! And, that's how rumors get started!!!

Stacey Webster said...

What did you put in Jace's milk this morning? Are you sure he isn't drunk? J/K. Loving it! He's just sooo cute. Can't believe he is walking. Such fun. **insert sigh!