Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Subscribe to my blog!

How cool am I? It only took me three years to figure out how to add a way for people to subscribe to my blog - with a reader OR through email! I'm totally jazzed about this, folks!

So, for all my crazy fans out there - all three of you - you can now enter your email in that little box to the right ----------> and get an email each time I post an update.
Or if you're a blogger yourself and you want to follow along in a reader, there's an option for that just below the email option.

AND, AND, AND ... I'm even cool-er ... because there's also a little button to find me on Facebook as well. Can't say I'm that great at catching all the updates on fb ... its a little too time-consuming for my current life, but I do catch a few.

There's no stopping me now! :-)

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