Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Busy Fun Fall!

As most people are doing the 'back-to-school' craziness, we have a pass. One of the lesser-discussed perks of homeschooling.

Don't get me wrong, I have spent a good deal of time hunting down every last super-cheap and free school supply there is! I love school (and office) supplies.
Here's our loot! Less than $20 for all you see here!

One thing I've learned the last 3 years of homeschooling is that you better stock up in August, because if you go looking for school supplies any other time of year, you're going to pay big bucks! Learned that the hard way, can you tell?

So we're all stocked up on supplies. But, we have no need for a new lunchbox. Or new clothes. (I love the fact that I don't "need" to provide an entire new wardrobe for each of my kids who may or may not have outgrown the clothes they just wore a couple short months ago ... can you tell I think back-to-school is too commercialized???) We do need new backpacks - but we'll dig through the clearance aisles after the frenzy dies down. Hopefully we won't use our backpacks as much this year - my goal is to actually HOME-school more and 'out-and-about-school' less. Homeschooling is frequently a misnomer, kind of like a stay-at-home-mom. Neither one really stays at home as much as you might think! :)

Things are still getting busy for us, even without a 'first' day of school!

Jordan had her first orthodontist appointment last week. She has an under bite, grinds her teeth and has a very small, low palette (common in Down Syndrome). We went to the same orthodontist that did my braces as a kid, which was fun! He said he remembered me, but considering I'm nearly 25 years post-braces, I have my doubts! They did some x-rays, discovered Jordan is congenitally missing a couple teeth (and thought she was missing others until I told them what they thought were baby teeth are actually her very tiny adult teeth!). The missing teeth will work in her favor, since her jaw is so small (another 'perk' of DS). She goes back in 6 months and for now, they are just going to evaluate how her jaw is growing.

Jordan is actually in the throws of several doctor appointments this month. She's already been to the Pediatrician and Orthodontist, and she's going to the Cardiologist Thursday and also has a Dermatologist appointment coming up! Funny for a family that doesn't typically spend much time visiting doctors!

Last week we finished gymnastics. Can't believe its over already. Jake is returning to soccer (starting his 3rd year) and Jordan is returning to ballet! Jadyn has decided to take a break from gymnastics and try soccer. Now, that should be interesting! She says she wants to do ballet in the Spring and decide what of the three she likes best. Weighing all of her options!
Jake is starting Cub Scouts this year. Its a homeschool pack - so no school schedules to work around for campouts and den meetings. Their first campout is coming up in October! Camping is so NOT my thing, so that will be a great daddy-son weekend.

We've also {finally} joined a homeschool support group and plan to attend park days and field trips!

So, our weeks will be full and fun this fall: In addition to three soccer practices & 2 games, ballet, cub scouts, park days and field trips, I will be attending a women's bible study each week and Ed & I will be attending a couple's life group ("community group") as well. I'm really looking forward to it all. I feel like I spent the last year sitting out of so many things, so it feels good to get back into 'life!' I always do better the busier I am!

I've made a conscious effort to avoid morning activities (except for ballet), in order to have a more consistent school routine (AT home!). We've been in a pretty good rhythm this summer, so hopefully that will carry over.

Looking forward to sharing our fun adventures this fall! I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures to share!

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Anonymous said...

How do you get it all under $20, man I need to learn some coupon tips from you! That is a lot of stuff and I am sure you will use it all. I have found that out with doing things for my what you call crafts, buy them now as they are much cheaper!

Amy E